West Hill "Dakota"

Dakota came to us mid summer of 2012.  We gave him about a week to settle in, and then we began training,  Dakota immediately showed real promise, and to our surprise he had a natural instinct to retrieve. Over the next 2 months we exposed Dakota to a lot of birds - both pen raised and wild. On Oct 17 2012 (when Dakota was not even 5 months) we packed up and spent 29 hrs non stop in a truck and took Dakota out west to Montana to hunt birds.  Less than 1 hour out of the truck after the long drive, Dakota pointed a sharp-tail grouse.


Dakota has also done well in the trial world, being "green" when it comes to the world of trailing, Adam and Dakota placed third in their first four trials, and In 2016 Dakota took the Honor of National Gun Dog of the year.

We are Pleased to Announce Dakota has taken the Honor of National Gun Dog of the year again for 2017, and what has made this one even more special is he was handled the entire season by Addison!


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